Strategic Plan

The Valley Cultural Coalition is committed in creating a vibrant arts and culture community in Central Valley. The following strategic plan outlines our activity focus in the upcoming months ahead.

1. Develop Engage, inspire, grow, and retain our cultural community

  • Strategic Marketing
    • Name Change
    • New Logo and Web Site
    • Conference
  • Telling Our Stories
  • Community Partners: leverage our current relationships and develop new relationships
    • Define our benefits
    • Business sponsors for conference
    • Outreach initiative to other counties
    • Renewed partnership with Fresno Arts Council

2. Develop an organization model to best serve our members

  • Human Resources
  • Membership
    • Summarize benefits
    • Survey of member training needs
  • Sustainability
    • Cultural Tourism
    • Valley Cultural Coalition Census: non-profits, sharing resources


  • CAC
  • NEA
  • American for the Arts